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Burbank Blvd – August 2021

Above: A bird’s eye view of the I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge on August 12, 2021, after crews placed concrete for the southern half of the bridge deck. The material covering the new concrete (left) is for curing, to ensure durability and strength of the concrete. Soon, concrete will be placed for the other half of the deck.

Above: A crew places concrete for the deck.

Above: A crew finishes the concrete.

Above: The work in progress.

Above: This view is facing east and shows the progress of construction shortly before crews placed concrete for the southern half of the deck (at right). Crews have completed placing rebar (steel reinforcing rods) for that half of the bridge.

Above: A view of the rebar, which was placed before crews poured concrete for the deck.

Above: Another view of the rebar. In the background is the batch plant, which produces concrete for construction of the bridge. The batch plant, a temporary facility, is situated on the northbound side of I-5 (at the northeast corner of the new bridge).

Above: Another view of the rebar while crews are constructing the bridge.

Above: A crew installs conduit, a tube used to protect wiring, before concrete is poured for the deck. The new bridge will have several kinds of conduit including some for electric power lines, fiber optic lines, and other telecommunication lines which will stretch across I-5 inside the new bridge. Other types of utility lines also will be housed in the new bridge.

Above: Another view of a crew installing conduit.

Above: A crew working on the bridge in advance of placing the concrete.

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