Valley View Ave. Interchange Project – April 19- April 26, 2019

Construction on this project is 39% complete.

Projected dates:
Completion of first half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Revised to *late 2019.
Completion of second half of Valley View Ave. Bridge: Revised to *late 2021.
Firestone Blvd. reverts to two lanes in each direction at Valley View Ave.: End of 2021. 
I-5 Valley View Ave. Interchange project open to traffic: Revised to *End of 2021.

Also, please go to our Twitter page at for project updates.

The following closures are scheduled for the Valley View Interchange Project for excavation of retaining wall footings, pinning K rail, and removing asphalt:

Knott Ave. between Cate Dr. and N. Firestone Blvd.
N. Firestone Blvd. between Artesia Blvd. & Knott Ave.

Hours: 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night from Tuesday, Apr. 23 through the night of Thursday, Apr. 25. These closures are scheduled for three separate nights and will re-open each morning at 5 a.m. All scheduled closures are subject to change or cancellation. Map below:


Click on videos below of workers building lumber forms over rebar stem walls on the Valley View Ave Bridge April 23:


And one week earlier as workers were building the rebar grid and stem wall frames: 


Click videos below of construction of the southbound Firestone Blvd. ramp connecting to the Valley View Ave. Bridge:


Crews completed constructing the soffit (underside of the deck), a a horizontal grid of rebar on the surface of the deck,  and the “stem walls” along the edge and center of the deck. Workers are now securing forms over the center stem walls in preparation for a concrete pour. Photos below April 16 and April 23:

Construction of the ramp of the newelevated Firestone Blvd. to the Valley View Ave. Bridge is underway. Workers have been constructing the “soffit” (underside of the deck) over the steel beams with plywood. Photos below from April 16 and April 23:

Workers began prepping the construction area where the southbound Valley View off ramp from I-5 will connect to the bridge. Falsework (frame support) will be constructed, including the placement of elevated steel beams. Photos below from April 16 and April 23:

At the Coyote Creek Bridge in La Mirada, the final surface of concrete has been poured and work continues. Photos below from April 2:

A close-up view of some of the steel equipment and other supplies used to rebuild the I-5 Valley View Ave. interchange:

DISCLAIMER: Due to the dynamic nature of construction, please note that all dates and times are subject to change due to unforeseen operational factors or inclement weather.

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