Next week crews will pour concrete in the center median of I-5 freeway, between Florence Avenue and I-605. In order to complete this work crews will close the two inside lanes on I-5 northbound and southbound; one lane will remain open in each direction at all times to maintain the flow of traffic. This work will be conducted nightly between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 3 through Thursday, Oct. 5. This work must be conducted at night when lanes on the freeway can be closed, to ensure the safety of workers in the field.

Please be advised, the concrete work itself is not expected to generate excessive noise. Concrete trucks and other equipment will be operating on the freeway, as well as within the contractor’s concrete plant, located south of Florence Avenue, adjacent to northbound I-5.

Work is underway to construct the new sound wall along the northbound I-5 Florence Avenue on-ramp, adjacent to Longworth Avenue. CIDH (cast in drilled hole) work has been completed along northbound I-5. In addition, crews have poured the footing along the new sound wall.

A portion of the sidewalk on Longworth Avenue, adjacent to the northbound I-5, has been closed to accommodate sound wall reconstruction. A chain link fence has been installed to close this area of the sidewalk from public access through the end of 2017. The sidewalk will be restored once sound wall construction is complete. While the sidewalk is being reconstructed, the sidewalk across the street from this work is open and accessible for public use.

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