Florence Avenue Interchange Project – May 29, 2020 – June 5, 2020

This project is 90% complete.
Projected date of completion for the Florence Ave. Bridge and Project: *Late summer 2020. Early winter rains caused more delays. 

Also, please go to our Twitter page at twitter.com/My5LA for project updates.

The contractor poured the final layer of concrete for the roadway on the second half of there Florence Ave. Bridge on the night of Tuesday, May 26. The concrete has been covered with tarps and will cured for 28 days.

Video of Florence Ave. Bridge after final concrete pour from May 27, below:

Photos from concrete pour the night of May 26 and placing tarps the morning of May 27 below:

Workers placed lumber forms horizontally over the deck and constructed a mat of rebar in preparation for the final concrete pour. Photos below from May 14 and May 22:

We are relocating the fire hydrant and Air Valve Cans (AVC, which release air pressure from the water lines) on the three cul-de-sacs south of Florence Ave. and west of I-5 in Downey: Quinn St., Mueller St., and Buell St. The contractor will move the fire hydrants and  AVC to 20″ behind the curb. Work begins Tuesday, May 26 at 7 a.m. and should complete by the end of the first week of June. The cul-de-sacs will remain open, with some restrictions near the work area for truck movement.  Map below:

Video slideshow below from May 1 & May 6:

Video below from May 6:

Photos from May 1 & May 6 below: 


Aerial drone photos from March 16 and April 16, below:

The Florence Ave. on ramp to northbound I-5, and the Florence Ave. off ramp from northbound I-5 will all remain closed until the second half of the Florence Ave. Bridge is complete. This is per request by the cities of Downey and Santa Fe Springs, to minimize traffic congestion until the three additional bridge lanes are provided to handle the increase in vehicles. Construction of the second half of the bridge is underway. 



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