Florence Avenue Interchange Project – Week of June 15 – June 22, 2018

This project is 68% complete.
Projected date of completion for the Florence Ave. Bridge: December of 2019.
Project date for completion of project: Late 2019. 

You may also go to our Twitter page at twitter.com/My5LA for project updates.

The connector ramps from northbound I-5 to northbound and southbound I-605 have been reconfigured to one lane up to the overpass, then opening up to two lanes. This will allow necessary work space near the retaining walls.

The deck of the Orr & Day Bridge on northbound I-5 over the railroad tracks south of the Florence Avenue. Photos from June 5  and June 12, after concrete was poured and the deck was covered to allow curing of the concrete (below):

Workers load and remove the “bidwell”, used to pour concrete (below):

View of the future northbound lanes of I-5 between the Orr & Day Bridge and the Florence Ave. Bridge (below):


Grading and compacting continues at the retaining walls along the Florence Ave. on ramp to northbound I-5, east of I-5 and north of the Florence Ave. Bridge (below):

Sometimes it’s just a man and a shovel (below):

Trenching (below):


The work site north of the Florence Ave. Bridge on the west side of I-5. (below):


Caltrans recycles! This machine crushes concrete from old and demolished freeway structures  into aggregate to be used for back-filling and for the base layer of new freeway lanes. The machine crushes the concrete, magnets remove any metal, conveyor belts pile it, loaders fill trucks and the trucks haul the aggregate to other work sites (below):


The retaining wall on the west side of I-5 north of the Florence Ave. Bridge (below):




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