Burbank Blvd Bridge Project Gallery – July 2021

Crews are constructing the Burbank Boulevard Bridge and new I-5  interchange in the city of Burbank. The bridge is scheduled to open for traffic before the end of 2021. These improvements are part of the I-5 HOV (carpool lanes) project. The HOV lanes between Magnolia Boulevard and Buena Vista Street are expected to open during the first half of 2022.

Above: An aerial view of the bridge work at Burbank Boulevard on July 12, 2021. This view is facing south.

Above: A crew works on the Burbank Boulevard Bridge. This view shows the wood forms and rebar (steel reinforcing rods) in place, before concrete is placed in the forms.

Above: Multiple forms are in place before concrete is poured.

Above: As crews work on the bridge, a photographer (in orange shirt at right) documents the progress of the construction.

Above: Crews place concrete for the bottom of the bridge, called the soffit.

Above: A view of the construction site with the concrete operation underway on the night of July 14-15.  Concrete pump trucks with booms are located at either end of the bridge.

Above: An aerial view showing concrete placed for the bottom of the bridge. The crew at top right begins to place concrete into the rows of wood forms in the interior of the bridge. This photo was taken on the morning of July 15, 2021, during the 14-hour operation to place concrete.

Above: A concrete pump truck with boom.

Above: An aerial view showing, at center, a truck-mounted concrete pump with its boom and its four stabilizing “outriggers” extended. To the right of it, two cement mixer trucks deliver concrete to the pump. The concrete was produced at the project’s on-site plant, also known as a batch plant, along Northbound I-5 at Burbank Boulevard, shown in the photo below.

Above: In the background is the concrete batch plant at the project site.

Above: This view is on the Northbound side of I-5. Temporary shoring, at right, is used during construction. Above the freeway lanes, the temporary support structure (known as falsework) supports the bridge during its construction and will be removed before completion of the construction process.

Above: Crews have placed concrete in the wood form visible at the left, after earlier placing concrete for the bottom of the bridge, where the lower group of workers are seen standing in this picture. The rebar (steel reinforcing rods) extending from the top of the forms will tie in to concrete which will be placed in the future including the concrete deck, or top surface of the bridge, that will support vehicles as they cross over I-5 on Burbank Boulevard.

Above: Crews placing concrete in forms on July 15, 2021, at Burbank Boulevard.


Above: Panorama view of the construction site of the I-5 Burbank Boulevard Bridge, interchange and HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle, or carpool) lane project in Burbank.

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