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Burbank Blvd. Bridge Gallery, July-August 2020

Above: Crews are constructing the western abutment (bridge wall) and retaining walls along the west (southbound) side of I-5 for a new Burbank Boulevard Bridge which will cross over the freeway. Crews also are constructing carpool lanes in both directions on I-5. This view is looking toward the west.

Above: This view, looking toward the east, shows the rear (non-freeway side) of the western abutment, or bridge wall, for the new Burbank Boulevard Bridge.

Above: Workers place reinforcing bars (rebar) inside the form for a bridge column. Concrete will be used in the construction of the columns of the Burbank Boulevard Bridge.

Above: This photo was taken a few minutes after the previous photo, after the reinforcing bars were lowered into the form for the bridge column. Only the top of the “rebar” is visible above the form. Concrete will be used in the construction of the column.

Above: Crews are constructing concrete pavement in the I-5 median, north of Burbank Boulevard, to add High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV, or carpool) lanes in both directions. The wire frames support dowels which are used to strengthen the concrete pavement. The dowels will link adjacent concrete slabs.

Above: A crew works on newly constructed concrete pavement on I-5 near Burbank Boulevard.

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